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Thinking Of Changing Your Office Phone System?

Posted by Laura J Solomon

phone systems, San Diego, Business Phones, A quality, dependable, and properly functioning telephone system is vital to the success of your business. While the intention of every small business owner is to have a fully functioning phone system, often times small budgets, poor installation, or low quality systems hinder potential growth and development of businesses small and large. If you are finding yourself in a predicament with your current system, below may be some reasons why you find yourself considering a change.

Customer Support: The first thing we all want when encountering a problem with something we use on a day-to-day basis is customer support. No phone system has ever been known to work perfectly. With that being said, the chances of problems occurring at a reasonable consistency are pretty high: especially if you encounter a high call volume on a daily basis. While those problems can usually be solved, the process in which it takes to do so (and in a timely matter) can be very slow and painstaking without quality customer support form the vendor you bought the system from and/or the person who installed it. If your current phone system didn’t come with the option to call someone and ask for assistance when there is a problem, you might want to consider changing.

Missing phone calls may prompt a change in your phone system

Downtime: Missing out on a phone call, or not being able to reach your customers, is a really big problem when it comes to running a successful business. Downtime from lagging phone extensions, misplaced calls, or a poor operating system can cost you and your business quite a bit in lost revenue. Not too mention you will have frustrated customers, staff, and field officers. You can’t afford to have a phone system that isn’t allowing you to communicate at the efficiency your business demands. This is another good reason to consider changing.

Insufficient Capacity: If you are flooded with calls (that’s a good problem!) and your phone system is not able to handle the capacity in which you require, instead of spending a small fortune on upgrading your current phone system you may want to consider purchasing a new system that will meet the needs of your business for years to come. You will then have the ability to scale your phones up and down as needed.

High cost of dialing rates and renting lines: Have you considered just how much it’s costing you everything month in line rentals and call charges? It’s wise to consult with a service provider and have them perform a bill analysis to see how much you could save should you replace your current phone system. You may also want to look into VoIP as technology can save you up to 50% on call charges.

Consider what you are getting with your phone system in regards to what you are paying. Don’t you want greater value for the money you are spending? As a small business owner this applies to every aspect of your company, not just your communications and phone system.

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