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Is Fiber Optics Installation Better Than Other Cabling

Posted by Laura J Solomon

200x300-blog-7Fiber Optic cabling has been around since the 80′s and has made a name for itself since as it offers telecommunications networks a bevy of advantages for long distance transmission. While Fiber Optics may be on the pricier side of a business budget, it may serve to be a better choice in the long run actually saving money with wear and tear and replacement cabling. Business owners must consider their overall budget as well as the needs and the future of their company. Used phone systems Del Mar utilizes both Fiber optics as well as Cat5 and Cat6 cabling for telecommunications network installation.Single-mode fiber optic cables are better for long distance installations while multi-mode cabling is better for short distance installations. It’s important to select the cabling based on the equipment being connected. It must all be in compliance with up-to-date cabling standards not only for safety but for proper installation and usage.

Fiber optics support high bandwidth data transmission

One of the biggest benefits of Fiber Optic cabling is that it supports high bandwidth data transmission; much higher than what is supported by other types of data cabling. Another benefit is that multiplexing techniques can be used to further increase the bandwidth capacity of Fiber Optic cabling. This type of cabling is also very well known for its ability to offer a significant reduction in noise disturbance. It is rare that loss of data transmission will occur with Fiber Optic Cabling. If their are any faults in the cabling it can be detected easily. Fiber Optics are also resistant to any kind of damage caused by lightening or electrical sparks and are the most durable type of cabling offering long-term usage which add to the cost effectiveness of using it in a communications network.

Know What Type Of Communication Network Is Best For Your Business

Posted  by Laura J Solomon

San Diego, Communication, NetworkIf you are a small business owner, then you know how important technology is to the efficiency, productivity, and success of your business. Business phone repair services Mira Mesa understands that technology is always changing and evolving. Because of this, business owners need to make sure they are keeping up with advances in technology. For a small business, or any size for that matter, communication technology is essential to any company wanting to thrive in their industry.

Communication networks are responsible for transferring voice, data, and video information

Communication networks are responsible for transferring voice, data, and video information. Networks are either public or private, depending on the person, group, or business using the network. A private network is of course secure and can be used only by those authorized. A public network can be used by anyone who has access to the Internet and is within that network range. A small business should always use a private network. Business data cabling services San Diego specializes in installing the most secure and reliable communication networks so small business owners don’t have to worry about security issues.

A voice communication network is the starting point for many customer and vendor transactions. Not too mention a valuable asset to communicating with your office staff and those working out in the field.  It allows you to communicate with others around the world and lets your customers know that they can reach you anytime. For those times when your voice network is down, emergency phone services San Diego is there around the clock to assess the problem and find a fast solution to getting your network up and running again. If your business is on a tight budget, used phone systems Del Mar can help find you a quality pre-owned system that will be right for your businesses needs.

A data communication network connects to other computers for the purpose of transferring information to customers, vendors, and other companies. Sensitive and private information should be transferred between authorized users on a private network. With the advent of smartphones and tablets, businesses are utilizing this type of technology as well to transfer information.

Video networks offer a much more personal way of communication with others as it allows users to see who they are communicating with. Video conferencing has become especially popular for companies who do business internationally.

Internet and IP (Internet Protocol) are probably the most popular of networks today. With the Internet, business owners engage in email transactions, electronic commerce, and social networking like Facebook and Twitter. Blogging is also very popular. IP has the ability to transfer four different networks at once which makes it a very valuable tool in communication.

Converged networks offer businesses a more cost effective solution to finding a communication network. Consulting with a trained and experienced data cabling provider will help to make the best decision when it comes to installing the right kind of network that will suit the needs of your particular business.


Used Phone Systems For Your Business: What To Consider

Posted by Laura J Solomon

new, used, business, phone, systemsWhile you may start out thinking that choosing a used phone system for your business will be easy, if you are going get the best system for your money and your business, there are several things to consider. You want a system that will fit both the needs of your business as well as your budget.

Consider the history of the used phone systems you are looking at

What is the history of the phone system? While you may be able to search Carfax to get the history of a car you are buying, you won’t be able to do this when it comes to used phone systems. In fact, you may be the 3rd or 4th owner which means it’s going to be difficult to know everything that it has been through including what malfunctions it has developed over time and use. In some cases you may not find out what problems a system may have until you have purchased and started using it. You don’t want to find out the hard way by losing time, productivity and money. It’s essential that you buy a used phone system from a trusted source. Consider purchasing from a distributor, like tonythephoneguy.comor a manufacturer as opposed to a private party/individual. Do your research and read reviews about the company you are considering purchasing from. You can find these on review websites.

Will you need to scale up at some point and time? Keep in mind that if you ever want to upgrade your system, you will need to find the appropriate hardware and equipment. For example, if you add more phones to accommodate new staff, you don’t want to have to go out and buy all new equipment. Making new additions to your existing system may not work. If you are anticipating a growth with your business, consider buying extra phones to have in the future.

What about functionality?  The features and functionality of an older system may not keep up with the demands of you business. Carefully consider what your company does need in the way of a phone system. It could be as simple and making and receiving calls or as complexed as voice-to-email and conference calling via computer. A newer system could end up paying for itself with the data it can provide but then again, if you don’t need those extra bells and whistles, an older, gently-used system may do just fine.