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Thinking Of Changing Your Office Phone System?

Posted by Laura J Solomon

phone systems, San Diego, Business Phones, A quality, dependable, and properly functioning telephone system is vital to the success of your business. While the intention of every small business owner is to have a fully functioning phone system, often times small budgets, poor installation, or low quality systems hinder potential growth and development of businesses small and large. If you are finding yourself in a predicament with your current system, below may be some reasons why you find yourself considering a change.

Customer Support: The first thing we all want when encountering a problem with something we use on a day-to-day basis is customer support. No phone system has ever been known to work perfectly. With that being said, the chances of problems occurring at a reasonable consistency are pretty high: especially if you encounter a high call volume on a daily basis. While those problems can usually be solved, the process in which it takes to do so (and in a timely matter) can be very slow and painstaking without quality customer support form the vendor you bought the system from and/or the person who installed it. If your current phone system didn’t come with the option to call someone and ask for assistance when there is a problem, you might want to consider changing.

Missing phone calls may prompt a change in your phone system

Downtime: Missing out on a phone call, or not being able to reach your customers, is a really big problem when it comes to running a successful business. Downtime from lagging phone extensions, misplaced calls, or a poor operating system can cost you and your business quite a bit in lost revenue. Not too mention you will have frustrated customers, staff, and field officers. You can’t afford to have a phone system that isn’t allowing you to communicate at the efficiency your business demands. This is another good reason to consider changing.

Insufficient Capacity: If you are flooded with calls (that’s a good problem!) and your phone system is not able to handle the capacity in which you require, instead of spending a small fortune on upgrading your current phone system you may want to consider purchasing a new system that will meet the needs of your business for years to come. You will then have the ability to scale your phones up and down as needed.

High cost of dialing rates and renting lines: Have you considered just how much it’s costing you everything month in line rentals and call charges? It’s wise to consult with a service provider and have them perform a bill analysis to see how much you could save should you replace your current phone system. You may also want to look into VoIP as technology can save you up to 50% on call charges.

Consider what you are getting with your phone system in regards to what you are paying. Don’t you want greater value for the money you are spending? As a small business owner this applies to every aspect of your company, not just your communications and phone system.

Quality Customer Service: What Irritates A Customer?

Posted by Laura J Solomon

customer service, phone service repair, San Diego

Owning a small business can be part of the “American dream” for some. Owning your own business can be exciting, adventurous and stressful. How successful your business becomes depends in large part to what kind of customer service you provide. If you are in a competitive industry, you will always want to stand out against your competition. This means providing your clients with customer service that stands out above the rest.

Good customer service means keeping customers happy

Providing quality customer service will not only keep your existing clients happy but will hopefully generate more business for you through client referrals and recommendations. Did you know that on average twice as many people will tell their family members and friends about a negative customer service experience versus a positive one? More than half of consumers will back out of a transaction completely if they experience poor or substandard customer service and a fourth of those customers will most likely share their experience on a social media website like Facebook or Twitter. While you can’t please all the people all of the time, you can certainly do your best to avoid having people give you and your business a bad review because of less than adequate customer service.

Whether you are new in the small business world or have been running your own show for several years, knowing ahead of time how to deal with your clients or customers will not only help keep them loyal but will strengthen your chances of gaining new business. Consider the following five top causes of customer irritations:

  1. Rudeness- Have you ever heard of the saying “The customer is always right?”. You may think that is a saying of the past but it still holds true these days. You never want to be rude, short, or impolite; even if your customer isn’t being all that nice.

  2. Tardiness- Always be on time! This shows that you value your customers as well as their time. If you say you are going to be somewhere at a certain time, then make sure you are exactly that. One missed or late appointment could cost you a new or existing client.

  3. Deception- Have integrity when doing business with people and deliver on your promises. Explain to the customer what you will be doing when providing your services. Often times, consumers will not hesitate to leave a service provider if they feel they have been deceived.

  4. Incompetence- Are you there for your customers and able to perform the services you advertise and/or promise? If a customer has to call you several times to reach you or is having repeated problems with the services you have provided, you can bet they won’t be calling you in the future or giving out your name to their friends and family. A customer should never have a difficult time reaching you or hearing back from you nor should they have to wait a long time for you to deliver your services.

  5. Inflexibility- If you aren’t willing to bend on a warranty, policy, or return, you will most likely frustrate a customer who is trying to find a resolution to their problem. Be sure to listen to the customer’s complaint/concern and be flexible when it comes to solving the problem. While you don’t want to be walked over, you want to find a compromise for the sake of making your customer happy. Now that’s good customer service!

Business Phone System Repairs: What’s The 411?

Posted by admin

Business, phone, repair, San Diego,Businesses small and large experience problems with their phone systems. In fact, there probably aren’t any business phone systems out there that are foolproof, promising to never experience a malfunction at one time or another. With that being said, as a business owner you should prepare yourself for when the time comes that you need business phone system repairs Mira Mesa or emergency phone repair services San Diego.

Business phone system repairs are to be expected with a phone network

Being prepared for business phone system repairs can help alleviate the amount of downtime a company may encounter due to phone system issues. This goes for missed calls, interrupted conferences, and networking issues. Time is money and so is communication. If you aren’t able to engage with your customers, vendors, and employees because you are experiencing problems with your communications network, you will most likely encounter a loss in revenue and possibly disgruntled clients. For these reasons it is important to seek out the help of a phone repair professional, one that has experience and expertise.

Let’s say first off that it is important to do all that you can to prevent problems from occurring with your phone system. Preventative maintenance is the best way to save yourself time, money, and frustration from a downed phone system. It can you asses potential problems before they happen. It is also very important to have telephone support before you make a commitment to purchasing a system. This is to ensure that you have someone to call who may be able to help you resolve the issue without ever having to visit your office location.

Unfortunately, there may be times when you aren’t able to solve the problem with the help of tech support on the phone. In fact, if your system has gone down altogether, this most certainly won’t happen. In these circumstances, you will need to seek an “on-site” resolution. An emergency phone repair services Chula Vista professional can arrive on-site quickly to assess the problem and find a quick solution.

If you have a support contact with a telephone maintenance provider than you hopefully have access to 24/7 service that will help you get your phone system back up and running quickly and smoothly with as little cost as possible. Your particular contract with the telephone support company will determine what “emergency services” they provide. Some may be willing to come out any day of the week, while others only offer their services Monday through Friday. If your system goes down on a weekend, you will need to be patient until they can come out on Monday.  Different servicing companies offer different levels of support and service. If you are considering entering into a contract with a company that offers business phone system repairs the it is important that you know what range of services is offered as well as the price that goes along with those services.